Red Sun Farms committed to its state-of-the-art greenhouses

11-10-2021    13:04   |    The Produce News

The success of Red Sun Farms, headquartered in Kingsville, ON, was built on a shared vision and passion of a team in Mexico and Canada.

“Both groups were committed to selling the very best high-tech greenhouse peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers, with a year-round supply,” said Carlos Visconti, CEO USA and Canadian operations. “Together the leadership team at Red Sun Farms has built a vertically integrated business model that ensures quality, food safety, flavor and supply throughout the year.”

The Red Sun Farms’ team is passionate about bringing these standards and business models into every new venture. This includes the execution of a new logo, the rebranding of its packaging and most importantly supporting the needs of the company’s retail partners in a time where produce demand is constantly changing.

“Our values are built around accountability, collaboration, trust and innovation,” Visconti said. The team at Red Sun Farms is committed to delivering these values both within our organization and to our customers.”

Red Sun Farms’ value proposition is Seed-to-Plate, and it prides itself in owning every step of the process from selecting seeds, propagation at the farms, greenhouse operations, harvesting, packing and distribution.

“The master growers at Red Sun Farms have hand-selected varieties of organic tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers that delight and exceed customers’ flavor expectations,” Visconti said. “Our vertically integrated business model ensures quality, food safety, flavor, and supply throughout the year. This has resulted in farms in Mexico, the USA and Canada with distribution centers throughout to support the demand.”

Currently, the team is focused on the start-up of its Mexico crop, set to deliver the same quality and flavor that customers have come to expect from Red Sun Farms.

“Additionally, we’re increasing our winter production crop capabilities in Canada,” Visconti said. “This will allow us to offer a local solution to consumers in the Canadian market. We saw categories shift at an accelerated rate towards specialty and snacking varieties as consumers opened up their repertoires and discovered many new items and incorporated them into their menu plans. We are truly excited about building on that momentum.”

As demand increased across the U.S. and Canadian marketplaces, the team remains focused on meeting the needs of its customers.

“We continue to invest in growth at both the farm and distribution center levels to better support our retail partners,” Neill said. “Our recent growth announcements have grown to 646 acres across the organization including an additional 35 acres at Red Sun Mexico. This additional acreage will reaffirm Red Sun Farms as the largest vertically integrated high-tech greenhouse in North America.”

Red Sun Farms has also committed to significant growth in its state-of-the-art, high-tech greenhouses. In 2021, Red Sun Farms is working toward overall growth initiatives that will bring the company to 788 acres in 2022. This includes 223 acres (52 lit) in Ontario, 537 acres in Mexico, and 28 acres (10 lit) in the U.S.

“We are seeing increased interest in sustainability, technology and innovation,” Visconti said. “Consumers and retailers are looking for educational opportunities to better understand these topics. We’re also investigating what’s next concerning consumer behavior. As we continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of COVID-19, we are monitoring how consumers react in both a food service and retail setting, and what will become the requirements for the food industry moving forward.”

Source and Image Courtesy of The Produce News

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