What it takes to develop a successful agrihood

What it takes to develop a successful agrihood

Meristem Communities' Clayton Garrett explains the idea behind Indigo, a community built around a human-scale working farm and pasture.

Agrihoods—or neighborhoods centered around agriculture—have continued to pop up around the country, with one of the latest being Indigo by Houston-based real estate development company Meristem Communities.

The new 235-acre neighborhood coming to Fort Bend County, Texas, has been approved for approximately 750 residential homes by builders such as David Weekley Homes, Highland Homes, and Empire Communities; 42 acres of devoted agriculture; a 25-acre lake; and 70,000-plus square feet of mixed-use commercial development.

Meristem founders Clayton Garrett and Scott Snodgrass are designing Indigo to “lead with respect for the land and the environment, carefully strategizing an interconnected resilience of all systems—natural, human, and built.”

To hear more about Meristem, Indigo, and how to tackle developing an agrihood, BUILDER spoke with Garrett. He touches on agrihood benefits, challenges, important aspects to consider, and more.

BUILDER: What’s the history of Meristem Communities?

Garrett: Meristem Communities is a Houston-based real estate development company that was established in 2021. We wanted to explore how healthy communities are developed and nourished, with a philosophy anchored around creating Places for People, where humans are the focal point and the culture reflects the area's diverse demographics. Our vision is to carefully design neighborhoods that promote a sense of belonging, social and environmental sustainability, and human connection.

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