The floral replica of the Qatari National Flag

The floral replica of the Qatari National Flag

December 18 is national importance cherished every year in Qatar as it is celebrated as Qatar National Day. Among all the spectacular activities planned for the day, the floral replica of the Qatar national flag is a masterpiece.  The floral arrangement of the flag is displayed on the ceremonial road of Doha Corniche by the Department of Doha Public Garden and Landscape.

The floral replica of the Qatari National Flag holds a special mention and monumental importance in its impeccably detailed work, even concerning the uniformity of the flowers, symmetry, stage of full bloom, and especially the color. For this purpose, Al Sulaiteen Agricultural and Industrial Complex (SAIC) Nursery located in Umm Salal Ali in Qatar grows 300,000 Petunia Tritunia series Burgundy of Syngenta Flowers and 175,00 Petunia Eagle series White from Sakata Ornamental. Petunias are growing in 8x8 cm square pots with support from   6×4-hole trays. The skeleton structure of the tray is highly efficient in arranging any flower pattern of any design and these units called 'flower tiles' create the incredible floral flag. 

The flowers are produced in an open field as there is less precipitation and a mild winter season in Qatar during the months of October to December. Due to direct exposure to sunlight, the plants grow vigorously and rapidly too. So, the young petunia plants are well adapted to an open area display during the phenomenal celebration parade and are the perfect choice compared to greenhouse-grown plants. These plants are reused and replanted in landscaping areas of interest in various locations and flower beds around Qatar and perform well for the next 3 to 4 months.

A tremendous amount of planning and manpower goes into the creation and execution of this massive reconstruction of the model of the flag and the production process starts well in advance, around the last week of September. Al Sulaiteen Agricultural and Industrial Complex (SAIC) have become grandmasters in accomplishing this task with baffling perfection and accuracy as they have become adept in meeting the required high standards and delivering in time, thus holding the prestigious honor of presenting the magnificent floral flag for the past six years, consecutively.



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