TAEDA Tech update: growing willow with aeroponics

TAEDA Tech update: growing willow with aeroponics
Photo: LettUsGROW

Last October, LettUs Grow announced its partnership with the University of Surrey to develop an aeroponic greenhouse system for the propagation of willow trees. The project, funded by the Department for Energy Security & Net Zero, aims to explore how innovative agricultural technology can be used to help meet the Government’s biomass and tree planting targets. 

The UK’s Net Zero Strategy aims to increase biomass within our energy network and secure a sustainable supply of biomass, from within the UK and imports. Another challenge is to scale-up biomass supply, without compromising food security - which is where propagating trees comes in. 

Now, just over a year in, the TAEDA Tech project has successfully been propagating willow using aeroponics in their new polytunnel and greenhouse location in Surrey. Growing within these environments allows greater control of the cultivation conditions, including temperature and light levels.

The aeroponic system has been uniquely designed and fitted for the project, with the first stages of trials focusing on the operational side of the growing process. Aeroponics is an irrigation method which involves delivering water and nutrients to plant roots with water that is dispersed into a mist - this maximizes oxygen levels and as a result, boosts growth rates. 

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