Logiqs collaborate with VDE plant, a tropical plant nursery

Logiqs collaborate with VDE plant, a tropical plant nursery

Logiqs recently modernized VDE-Plant’s 1986 processing room, a tropical plant nursery located in Woubrugge in The Netherlands, with upgrades to meet the current needs while making use of the technological advancements available today.

What made this project special, was how VDE Plant used the Logiqs’ online 3D-configurator for designing the mobile bench system for this project, resulting in a remarkable outcome.

Click here to watch the short video of the project on Logiqs' LinkedIn.


Highlights of the automated benching system we delivered are:

  • Three automated transport vehicles
  • Three Overhead Crane for the management of empty benches
  • One Overhead Crane for movements of full rolling benches
  • One rolling bench Lift
  • Two 100 Degree Bench Cleaners
  • Several A-track automated transport lines.

Type of rolling benches: with aluminium ebb and flood.

About VDE Plant

VDE plant is a real family business located in the beautiful countryside just outside the Dutch town of Woubrugge.
‘VDE’ stands for ‘Van Der Eijk’, the family name of the company’s founders.

Today, the third generation is running the business: brother and sister Karin and Edwin van der Eijk together with their partner, Hein Visser.
Ever since 1948, the team at VDE has been committed to growing the most beautiful tropical houseplants for consumers.



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