Havecon starts phase 2 at Les Serres D'Isigny

Havecon starts phase 2 at Les Serres D'Isigny

Les Serres D'Isigny started growing tomatoes in 2020 in Normandy, France. Phase 1, an area of more than 80,000 square meters of cultivation area, along with a business area for processing, was given to Havecon in 2020, and in the same year the construction of the greenhouse was realized and completed. Now, three years later, Les Serres D'Isigny is ready to expand and Havecon has also been given this contract to build a new greenhouse.

Recognizing new opportunities in the local French market, Les Serres D'Isigny settled in Isigny-le-Buat, Normandy in France in 2020. With an area of more than 8 hectares of greenhouse and, in addition, a warehouse, Les Serres D'Isigny produces tomatoes year-round. To continue to respond to increasing market demand and to grow and move with its customers, Les Serres D'Isigny is further expanding its greenhouse area with another 4 hectares.

In the first weeks of the new year, Havecon started making preparations for the realization of the expansion for Les Serres D'Isigny. At the end of January, our strategic partner Voorwinden Group travelled to France to start the preliminary foundation work. In the coming weeks the foundation and Rainwater discharge will be installed, after which the first steel will be pulled up at the beginning of March.

In order to be sustainable and to be able to produce year-round, a hybrid lighting system has been chosen for phase 1. This means that partly LED and partly SON-T lighting has been installed. For the new expansion an even more sustainable solution will be chosen and a switch will be made to Full LED lighting.

The completion of the new greenhouse is expected in the fourth quarter of this year after which the first plants will be moved into the greenhouse. The expansion will bring the total area of Les Serres D'Isigny to over 12 hectares.



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