ADQ and Safe Haven launch high-tech greenhouse

ADQ and Safe Haven launch high-tech greenhouse

UAE - ADQ, an Abu Dhabi-based investment and holding firm, and Safe Haven Solutions, a Netherlands-based climate-smart agriculture solution provider, are constructing a high-tech greenhouse at ADQ’s cutting-edge AgTech Park in Kezad. 

The automated 10-hectare facility will leverage advanced agriculture technology to increase sustainable food production in the UAE.

Designed with sustainability considerations, the greenhouse facility will operate with an efficient cooling system that reduces its carbon and water footprint, enabling the year-round cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers in a carbon-neutral, climate-controlled environment. In phase two, the project will enter the commercial stage and double the growing area of crops to 20 hectares.

Local produce

Consumers will benefit from high-quality local produce that remains fresh for longer due to a shorter supply chain. The project's scalability aims to minimise food waste by aligning production with local market demand. Safe Haven Solutions’ horticulture experts will collaborate with local researchers and agronomists to encourage the development of technology that is ideally adapted to the local climate and growing conditions, while training facilities will enable knowledge transfer to Emirati talent to nurture the next generation of specialised growers. 

Gil Adotevi, Chief Executive Officer, Food & Agriculture at ADQ, said: “Our partnership with Safe Haven Solutions expands on our mission to increase Abu Dhabi’s sustainable agricultural footprint. By driving investments in AgTech solutions, we are strengthening the UAE’s ability to grow more produce domestically. 

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Photo: Gil Adotevi



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