Surface Coating saves labor and keeps machines cleaner 

Surface Coating saves labor and keeps machines cleaner 

De Lier - Berg Hortimotive, specialist in internal transport, is introducing a new product at GreenTech Amsterdam: Surface Coating. The coating applied to new machines from Berg Hortimotive reduces dirt adhesion on machines. This not only saves labor, but also keeps machines cleaner.

Less dirt adhesion 
Machines in greenhouses get quite dirty during the growing season. In particular, this involves the adhesion of plant juices when the machines pass between the crop during crop operations such as threshing and turning. "When a machine is provided with Surface Coating, a smooth layer forms on the frame, to which dirt is less likely to adhere. This prevents the spread of plant juices through the machines. It also promotes overall greenhouse hygiene and benefits cultivation," says Steven Timmers, Product Manager Berg Hortimotive. 

Cleaning a piece of cake
Moreover, the coating makes cleaning the machine easier and faster, which also saves a nice amount of time. "Cleaning the coated machines with the right detergent is a piece of cake. You hardly need to apply force and the high-pressure sprayer is completely out of the question," says Timmers.

Extensively tested in practice
The unique Surface Coating has been extensively tested with growers in practice and the results are promising. Berg Hortimotive is currently the only one in the sector to offer this Surface Coating as an option on part of its portfolio. Bas Brinkman, Technical Director Berg Hortimotive: "We are pleased to be able to offer Surface Coating as an option and hope to further unburden growers in this way and get the most out of their operations."

Option on pipe rail trolleys, spraying robots and the Plantalyzer® 
For now, Surface Coating is available as an option on BeNomic pipe rail trolleys (Star series, Star PRO series), BeMatic spraying robots (Meto SW, Meto SWT and EasySpray) and the Plantalyzer. 

Present at GreenTech Amsterdam
Berg Hortimotive will be present at GreenTech Amsterdam taking place from 13-15 June and can be found at Royal Brinkman's stand in Hall 1, stand number 01.230. The specialists will be happy to explain the products in Berg Hortimotive's portfolio that can help growers optimize their internal transport in the greenhouse. Naturally, they will also explain the added value of Surface Coating.   
Available through our national and international dealer network
Surface coating is offered as an option on new machines from Berg Hortimotive. The machines leave our own factory fully coated. The entire product portfolio is available through our national and international dealer network. More information is available at: or from one of our dealers. 



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