New, more sustainable, plant transportation tray

New, more sustainable, plant transportation tray

A new product cutting CO2 emissions up to 80% – Mester Grønn hopes PureFiber™ Horti tray will make a difference.


Mester Grønn has together with Stora Enso developed a plastic-free transportation tray for plants. The new PureFiber™ Horti tray is made from formed fiber and reduces CO2 emissions compared to the plastic alternatives. Mester Grønn is hoping the new tray will have a positive effect on the entire industry’s environmental impact.

“We need to become greener, we are representing a green industry so we can’t be playing against nature, we have to be on the same team,” says Erling J. Ølstad, CEO of Mester Grønn.

Mester Grønn is Norway's largest wholly owned flower chain with over 143 flower shops. The flower industry has been lagging behind when it comes to reducing plastics. The reason is that they are dependent on water to nurture plants, this means they need water resistant material to hold and grow plants. Plastic works well for that as it withstands moisture.
The problem is that a massive amount of plastic is used and many times it is carbon black plastic which is often rejected during sorting at recycling facilities because black is hard to detect. 

Rethinking transportation trays: Switching out plastic

With an ambition to replace plastic where they can, Mester Grønn set sight on the single use plastic trays used for transporting plants from growers to flower shops. They discussed with Stora Enso about finding a new sustainable option. It should be plastic-free but still had to meet three criteria: 
1. Stiffness and Resilience: The tray needed to retain its rigidity in both dry and humid conditions.
2. Efficiency in Logistics: It needed to follow industry standards to fit the existing logistical chain.
3. Water Resistance: The new material had to be able to withstand exposure to water.

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Photo: Mester Grønn



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