Profile Horticulture's new propagation fiber product line

Profile Horticulture's new propagation fiber product line
Photo: Profile Horticulture

Profile Products is introducing a new product line of specialty fiber for propagation that offers effective water management and high air porosity to promote more consistent root growth in plant trays. The line includes HydraFiber Ultra Specialty Short Fiber (SSF) and HydraFiber TruRoot + Peat, both of which are designed to easily fill trays and liners, bond tightly, and reduce the mess and waste of standard propagation mixes.

“Our team is driven to innovate the best products for our customers,” says Wes Martin, Vice President of Horticulture, Lawn, and Garden at Profile. “This new product line offers all of the benefits of our HydraFiber technology in a specialty short fiber that easily fills cells and provides a stable plug for superior rooting. This allows propagators to grow better, more consistent plants — and transplant effectively with less media loss and reduced plant shock.”

HydraFiber Ultra SSF provides the same benefits as the original HydraFiber advanced substrate, which utilizes Profile’s patented Thermally Refined process to create dependable, consistent fiber quality, but the fibers are shorter and designed specifically for smaller cells. The product is certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and designed to improve consistency, porosity, and water availability for plants. Due to the efficient, compact nature of SSF, a HydraFiber Processing Unit (HPU) is necessary to successfully break up the bales and incorporate into a media mix.

HydraFiber TruRoot + Peat is a blend of engineered media with Canadian Sphagnum peat moss and holds plugs together more reliably than traditional versions. It is an ideal option for growers without an HPU. Due to HydraFiber’s unique matrix, a netting is formed creating superior airspace for root growth while holding plugs together, even when the roots haven’t penetrated to the bottom of the cell.

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