New Ellepot Papers for organic crop producers

New Ellepot Papers for organic crop producers

Ellepot, in collaboration with their US partner Blackmore Company, has developed two new propagation papers that adhere to the USDA guidelines for organic cultivation. These papers, named Ellepot Organic 10 Weeks and Ellepot Organic 16 Weeks, are now available and have received an OMRI listing, indicating their approval as input for organic production in North America.

Ellepot specializes in creating degradable propagation papers for various crops as part of their integrated propagation system. Through leveraging the Nobel Prize-winning CLICK chemistry in these new papers, Ellepot continues to showcase their dedication to increasing sustainability through innovative solutions. An important aspect of this development is reducing the environmental impact of organic crop cultivation by eliminating the use of plastic pots.

Compared to the previously launched Ellepot Organic 2.0 paper, which degrades in approximately 6-8 weeks, the new papers have extended durability, lasting 10 and 16 weeks respectively. Ellepot experimented with multiple biobased materials, including FSC®-certified wood fibers and plant-based polymers to achieve this longevity. The Nobel Prize-winning CLICK chemistry combined with 100% biobased materials now make out the recipe for the paper available to the commercial market, as the products meet the high standards required by organic growers in the US.

Ellepot’s US partner, Blackmore Company, are keen promoters of smarter solutions for horticulture and agriculture. In recent years, they have been a key player in developing the Air Tray® System fit for Ellepots. They are also pushing for more environmentally friendly retail solutions designed to bring plants grown in Ellepots to private consumers.

Blackmore Company were excited about the prospects of the new OMRI-listed Ellepot Papers and had an important development role by organizing tests and trials of the papers under commercial growing conditions with their US customers. These trials provided vital feedback on the papers' functionality and usability during the development phase. Further extensive research and testing was conducted to achieve the papers' desired texture, durability, and performance. Ultimately, this advancement in paper technology by Ellepot benefits organic crop growers in the US, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic pots while maintaining the necessary functionality.

Source: Ellepot



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