New Coleus Down Town series: bi- or tricolor foliage

New Coleus Down Town series: bi- or tricolor foliage

Dümmen Orange has just added an impressive new series to its extensive Coleus collection: Down Town, featuring brilliant colors that fit perfectly into the popular Freaky Leaves concept. Versatile for both outdoor and indoor use and blending in seamlessly with the current urban jungle trend, this series delivers outstanding sales opportunities.

Short production time 
Coleus is an uncomplicated plant – not just for the consumer but also at the production stage. And the new Down Town series is no exception. With its short cultivation period of just six to eight weeks from potting up to finished product, this resilient series makes an easy-to-plan, profitable addition to the range. These plants’ naturally strong branching habit also contributes to this, reducing the amount of PGRs needed.
The plants are ideal for 10-13 cm pots, and the product managers recommend three cuttings per pot for larger containers. Unrooted cuttings are available from week 43 to week 18, and rooted cuttings from week 47 to week 22. 

Small leaf types
The Coleus Down Town series consists of eight upright varieties with special small bi- or tricolor leaves. Down Town Dallas, Down Town Miami Magic, Down Town Vegas Neon, and Down Town Santa Monica are medium early and medium compact. Down Town Port Fairy is also medium early, although it is slightly more vigorous than the remaining three. The medium to medium-vigorous category also includes Down Town Greenville and Down Town Nashville, both of which are slightly later. Already well known and popular is Down Town Royalty, which was previously included in the Stained Glassworks series. 

All Down Town varieties are strikingly bi- or tricolor, ranging from juicy green with yellow leaf centers to dark burgundy with bright magenta centers. 

Different market segments
Another benefit of the Down Town series is its versatility. The new series is perfect for outdoor use as a bedding plant, on the balcony or patio, in groups or as a container plant. But it works just as well as a pot plant in the home or office – giving it an extended sales window and making it even more attractive for producers. 

Great eye-catcher at the POS 
The plants’ robustness and outstanding shelf life also make them more than earn their keep at the POS, where the strongly branched, upright plants with the striking markings and “freaky leaves” really catch the consumer’s eye. 
The new, highly ornamental Down Town series demonstrates yet again what robustness and striking leaf shapes and coloration can do: serving different market segments and opening up sales opportunities as an indoor or outdoor pot plant with an extra long sales period. Simply the best!


Dümmen Orange is a global leader in the breeding and propagation of cut flowers, pot plants, bedding plants, perennials, tropical plants, bulbs and tubers. Its annual turnover is about 390 million euro. The company has its headquarters in De Lier (the Netherlands) and employs 7.500 people worldwide. The key to Dümmen Orange’s success is a world class R&D team developing innovative, value-added products for customers, as well as a diversified network of specialized production sites, and a broad and deep product range, supported by a global supply chain. For more information, visit

Courtesy of Dümmen Orange
Exciting bi- or tricolor foliage: the new Coleus Down Town series from Dümmen Orange combines a strongly branched, upright habit and a good shelf life with a long sales period. The new series with its striking foliage is suitable for use as indoor or outdoor pot plant or as bedding plant, opening up different market segments with even more sales opportunities. 



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