The substrate of the future will be launched at GreenTech

The substrate of the future will be launched at GreenTech

RAALTE/GEESTE – The new Nygaia substrate fibre will be presented at GreenTech Amsterdam at the RAI from 13 to 15 June 2023. As the Netherlands' leading horticultural technology platform, GreenTech Amsterdam is the ideal opportunity to showcase Nygaia to potential future users.

At booth number 05.301/302, visitors can discover everything about Nygaia, including the benefits and applications of the biodegradable substrate. At the joint stand of Klasmann-Deilmann and Maan Biobased Products, a team of experts will inform visitors about the possibilities of this ground-breaking innovation, which is the result of the fruitful partnership between the two companies.

Tjeerd de Looze, product and commercial manager for Nygaia: "We are very excited about GreenTech and ready to present our innovative concept to the market. This new, high-tech substrate is a fantastic answer to the needs of growers who are looking for a sustainable alternative that not only performs well in terms of production but also fits into the future of cultivation. Which will be high-tech, if you ask us."

About Nygaia

The biobased and fully biodegradable substrate is being developed by Maan Biobased Products and Klasmann-Deilmann. They are now testing it on a rapidly growing scale. Nygaia's basic principles: the developing partners created a fibre with a unique pore structure. Spun into a plug or mat, these fibres form a solid base for plant growth. The fibre is made largely from renewable materials and breaks down completely under the right conditions; that means no waste is left behind. It consists of more than 60% natural raw materials. The fibre is inert, free of salts and has a remarkable water holding capacity. In addition, it secures a good air buffer that optimally supports healthy root growth.

“This innovation is a big deal, especially in hydroponics and vertical farming," explains Raymond van Ispelen, commercial manager for Nygaia. “We have been testing the product ourselves for quite some time now and are amazed by the results we are achieving. Find out for yourself at GreenTech! We look forward meeting you there personally.”

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