Aeroponic Rolling Benches showcased at Stockbridge Tech Centre

Aeroponic Rolling Benches showcased at Stockbridge Tech Centre

Since the summer of 2022, LettUs Grow have been working with technology partners Crop Health & Protection Ltd. (CHAP) and Stockbridge Technology Centre to trial our newest innovation, Aeroponic Rolling Benches. Aeroponic Rolling Benches combine LettUs Grow’s ultrasonic aeroponic irrigation with the practicality of rolling bench systems, allowing large-scale greenhouse growers and vertical farmers to optimise their crop production and operate aeroponics on a hectare scale. This technology has previously only been available in containerised farming systems, and looks to unlock productivity barriers for large-scale growers across the Controlled Environment Agriculture industry.

Aeroponic Rolling Benches have been running alongside hydroponic versions within CHAP’s Vertical Farming Development Centre, to compare performance and confirm its viability in the large-scale growing arena. Industry feedback is a vital part of the development process, so to support this we hosted an exclusive showcase event to unveil the technology, and gather honest feedback from attendees. This offered a unique opportunity for the engineering team to take comments and observations through to the next stages of development. 

Temi Odanye, the Lead Project Engineer, led the technology development and installation at Stockbridge Technology Centre.

“The journey to creating a new product is always a steep learning curve. These trials provided us with a rare opportunity to test the first prototype’s integration and performance within an existing vertical farming facility. We also benefited from the Aeroponic Rolling Benches being operated by the experienced growers in the CHAP and Stockbridge Technology Centre team.

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Photo: Temi Odanye, Lead Project Engineer for LettUs Griw. Courtesy of LettUsGROW.



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