Prepare your greenhouse heating for winter

Prepare your greenhouse heating for winter

Greenhouses are the catalysts that allow crops to be grown and harvested year-round. They provide a controlled, consistent environment that is perfect for growing fruits, vegetables, and house plants. Without them, many industries would suffer due to lost crops during the winter months. Of course, none of this would be possible without the necessary equipment that enables these buildings to operate efficiently.

During the winter months, heating solutions are pivotal in the climate control aspect of greenhouses. Oftentimes, unit heaters are utilized in greenhouses because of their smaller size and versatility within the space. Without unit heaters or other solutions, the crops would not be able to withstand the cold temperatures.

Even the best heating unit needs regular maintenance to maintain optimal performance. Creating and sticking to a maintenance schedule will ensure your crops are in the perfect growth environment.

Maintenance for Unit Heaters

Unit heaters, such as the Effinity High-Efficiency Commercial Gas-Fired Unit Heater, provide greenhouses with an efficient heat source in a smaller box. The coupling of the secondary heat exchanger technology with the robust tubular primary heat exchanger design attributes to its ability to lower energy costs and CO2 emissions. Even with quality performance, maintenance is required to keep the unit heater operational.

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Source: Greenhouse Grower


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