Premiere exhibition of ZipGrow's container farm-tech

Premiere exhibition of ZipGrow's container farm-tech

ONTARIO, CA - ZipGrow Inc. is excited to showcase its latest innovation, the ZipPod, at The International Plowing Match and Rural Expo (IPM) in Kemptville, Ontario, Sept 20 - 24, 2022. The largest event of its kind in North America, this 110-year-old tented city event draws over 50,000 visitors worldwide and is a five-day celebration of agriculture and rural living.

The ZipPod launched in June 2022, and this will be the first opportunity for the public to tour this revolutionary turnkey container farming system and see firsthand how crops are grown in ZipGrow hydroponic Towers. The ZipPod condenses annual production of 2-4 acres of farmland into a 3800 cubic foot container farm, where fresh produce such as leafy greens, herbs, and fruiting crops grows vertically in abundance. The purpose-built design of the container makes it possible to grow fresh, healthy food wherever, whenever, within a small footprint, including urban centres and regions heavily impacted by climate change.

"We see Ag-tech and indoor farming as methods that can complement traditional agricultural growing. This event will allow ZipGrow Inc. to connect in person with traditional farmers from around the world and show them what is possible to grow pesticide-free food in a controlled environment, 365 days a year, as an extension to their business." Said Eric Lang, President ZipGrow Inc. "We are all working towards the common goal of providing sustainable food to communities worldwide. Our part in this is to provide trustworthy technologies and educational support so that farmers can succeed."

The ZipPod was engineered and manufactured on-site at ZipGrow Inc. facilities in Cornwall, Ontario, a city now recognized for contributing to the agricultural technology industry. Demonstrations and tours of the ZipPod will be ongoing throughout the multi-day event, with opportunities to talk with ZipGrow's team of engineers and plant experts about hydroponics for home, business, and education.

Visitors to the ZipGrow Inc. booth can enter to win a grand prize of a two-day "Learn and Stay" package in partnership with Cornwall Tourism and can take part in Tower planting races to see how simple it is to plant and harvest a ZipGrowTM Tower.

For more information and ticket sales for The International Plowing Match and Rural Expo, visit

The ZipGrow Inc. booth will be located at outdoor lot 4B- 07. Maps available on-site.

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