Why ShipMyPlants aims to be the future of consumer horti

Why ShipMyPlants aims to be the future of consumer horti

According to Forbes, 20.8% of all retail purchases will be made online in 2023. By 2026, that number jumps to 24%. For green industry businesses looking to boost sales, broaden product offerings, increase reach, attract new customers, and remain open 24/7, Ship My Plants e-commerce hopes it will be a top priority.

ShipMyPlants.com is the first online, multi-vendor platform created for the plant industry by people in the plant industry. This innovative marketplace offers a diverse range of plant-based products, from unique houseplants to outdoor garden essentials. With a few clicks, vendors, shops, and influencers can seamlessly establish their unique marketplace presence, catering to shipping and local delivery preferences.

“Niche marketplaces are the future of retail. Until now, the consumer horticulture industry did not have any dedicated platform in which people can buy and sell goods at lower commission fees than our traditional, big-box marketplaces,” says Rich Christakes, founder and CEO of Ship My Plants. “By seamlessly connecting plant buyers with sellers, it’s an ideal avenue for green industry businesses to establish turnkey e-commerce stores with minimal time and investment.”

“We started with Ship My Plants from the very beginning,” says Josh Armstrong, founder of We the Wild. “It is a perfect complement to our current in-store efforts, running in the background without much effort on my part. Ship My Plants handles the transactions, sales tax, and advertising.”

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