Has the succulent wave peaked? Not so fast

Has the succulent wave peaked? Not so fast

Every so often in the ornamentals industry, there is a happy convergence of factors that leads to a spike in popularity of a particular category. This happened about 10 years ago with succulents, and it’s continuing today. Once considered horticultural oddities similar to cacti (but less prickly), succulents were relegated to the back of greenhouses and windowsills of serious collectors. Now, they are everywhere. Succulents adorn shelves, office desks, bathrooms, floral arrangements, and kitchen windows. They live in terrariums and dish gardens and are given away as party favors. They are painted and bedazzled and decorated for the holidays. In short, succulents are everywhere. Even fake, or “faux,” succulents are popular.

The question to ask is, is the succulent flame burning out now that the market has matured? Greenhouse Grower turned to a breeder, a grower, and a leading social media lifestyle expert to get their take.

Jenny Hughes, Editor at The Spruce, a leading lifestyle website, says the succulent trend isn’t going away soon. Because succulents are so easy to care for with their low fertilizer and water needs and slow growth, they are a great starter plant for anyone wanting to get into houseplants, which are seeing a huge resurgence in popularity with the younger generations

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Photo: The sheer variety of succulent colors and shapes makes them decorative — ideal for enhancing a small space and sharing photos on social media. Credit: Costa Farms



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