Best practices for growing garden mums and pot mums

Best practices for growing garden mums and pot mums
Green Valley Greenhouse grows 300,000 garden mums every year in Ramsey, MN. Photo: Green Valley Greenhouse

Chrysanthemums are a staple in the lives of consumers, who have been buying and gifting mums for decades, but also for the growers. Growers may specialize in different crops throughout the year, but in the summer, many turn to garden mums.

Some grow garden mums in addition to indoor pot mums, which are ideal gifts for holidays. Whatever your mum program is, growers are looking to refine their production practices.

Greenhouse Grower spoke with three operations from our Top 100 Growers list, including Henry Mast GreenhousesDan and Jerry’s Greenhouses, and Green Valley Greenhouse. Three growers share their best tips and recommendations on growing mums.

Best Practices for Garden Mums

Henry Mast Greenhouses sticks just over 1 million mum cuttings to produce its garden mum crop in Byron Center, MI, every year, according to Director of Growing John Davies. His team finds it best to direct-stick cuttings as much as possible because it is more economical. Henry Mast uses a standard 85/15 mix of peat and perlite as its growing media and is looking into wood blends as well.

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