Plant Products to become exclusive distributor for Vestaron

24-11-2021    11:59   |    Greenhouse Canada

Vestaron Corporation has announced that Plant Products Inc will be the exclusive distributor for the company’s greenhouse products in Canada.

According to the press release, distribution will start with Spear-T, a new peptide-based bioinsecticide currently undering registration with the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) in Canada. The product uses a new mode of action belonging to IRAC Group 32.

“This partnership will bring a brand-new mode of action to the market and help solve difficult-to-control pests in the greenhouse ornamental and vegetable markets coast to coast,” explains Kelly Devaere, Product and Marketing Manager of Plant Products.

Based in Durham, North Carolina, Vestaron says they focus on “a class of peptides that kills insect pests efficiently, but is safe for humans, birds, fish, pollinators, and the environment.” Their proprietary platform is said to optimize and develop peptides for a wide array of biological crop protection solutions.


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Image of Aleen lord over Pixabay 

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