VF companies partner for improved leafy greens

VF companies partner for improved leafy greens

On Feb. 27, Unfold, a seed and digital solutions company in the vertical farming industry, and GoodLeaf Farms, Canada’s largest commercial vertical farm, announced their partnership to commercialize premium lines of vertically farmed spinach and other leafy greens through Unfold’s Innovation Partner Program.

“As a former vertical farm operator, I understand first-hand the importance of seeds that are specifically developed for indoor growing,” said Unfold CEO Sonia Lo. “GoodLeaf is the largest vertical grower in Canada and has already demonstrated its ability to successfully grow leafy greens in large-scale, fully commercialized vertical farms. Now, through our partnership, we will accelerate their product evolution with seed developed and optimized for their specific environment.”

GoodLeaf is currently building new facilities in Montreal and Calgary to expand upon its current production out of Guelph, Ont. With the completion of these two farms, GoodLeaf will produce over four million pounds of leafy greens annually; this is especially important for Canada, where spinach, lettuce and other leafy greens remain amongst the country’s top imports. Both farms will be fully operational later this year.

“Now that we have a solid foundation in place for our operations, it’s the perfect time to partner with Unfold,” said Barry Murchie, GoodLeaf president and CEO. “Having the right seeds to ensure our success is crucial as we grow our operations throughout Canada and help the country lessen its dependence on imported produce. Unfold will help us make that goal possible.”

Unfold’s Innovation Partner Program provides vertical farms access to the company’s plant biology expertise, digital tools and germplasm. This access is a competitive advantage to vertical farmers who often lack proficiency in seed genetics and agronomics for indoor farming and, as a result, are left to rely on suboptimal seeds that generate reduced quality and yields. Through industry collaborations such as this, Unfold is working to address these core challenges head on.

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Photo caption: Micro Broccoli from GoodLeaf’s Vertical Farm, Guelph, Ontario (Photo: Business Wire)



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