Three horti industry consulting firms join forces

Three horti industry consulting firms join forces

PivotPoint Business Solutions (PivotPoint), known for delivering succession and exit planning advice and solutions, has announced two new partnerships that deepen the firm’s horticulture focus. Todd Downing, a founding owner of PivotPoint and Managing Director of BEST Human Capital Advisory Group, announced the new partnerships.

“We are delighted to add Hathaway & Lane Direct (HLD) and Advanced Grower Solutions (AGS) to our growing list of partners,” Downing says. “Together, our organizations will collaborate and share our expertise with business owners in the horticulture industry to accelerate growth and prepare their businesses for succession or sale.”

For the past 20-plus years, HLD has built a reputation for digging into client data and using analytics to uncover and leverage opportunities that drive increased sales, profitability, and ROI – all key measures in determining business value.

“Ken Lane and his team bring a unique ‘KPI’s matter’ mindset to our clients,” Downing says. “They have the ability to fix a company’s P&L by reading the data and putting what they’ve learned into practice to develop strategic budgets, marketing, and operational plans.”

“We are excited to bring our data and analytics expertise to the PivotPoint partner team,” says Ken Lane, Founder and Chief Consultant at HLD. “PivotPoint will help us grow our client base in the markets where we’re currently playing, as well as open new verticals where similar struggles exist in turning data into actionable insights.”

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