Swedish vertical farm partners with restaurant

Swedish vertical farm partners with restaurant

Östgöta Kök Group is a Swedish restaurant chain which has been committed to their philosophy for the past 15 years, “Deliver the food with love, with selected ingredients and raw material of quality which preferably come from the local farms”.

Taking their commitment to local food to another level, Östgöta pens a contract with Swegreen and becomes Swegreen’s ‘Farming as a Service’ customer. With the concept imbued with strong sustainable thinking and focus on high-quality locally produced leafy greens, herbs and spices, Swegreen's innovation was right down their alley!

Soon the guests of Östgöta Kök's restaurant at Nya Torget in Norrköping will be able to enjoy the food that is grown on-site and the restaurant’s very own vertical farm. Swegreen will install its newly launched farming platform, Saga, in Norrköping during the upcoming spring.

- With our own hydroponic vertical farm, we have the chance to give our guests a more appealing dining experience. I have to confess; we were surprised when we tasted Swegreen's products and sample crops. Crops that they grow taste way better and have a superior aroma, says Thomas Hallgren, who owns Östgöta Kök Group together with Karin Elebring.

From farm to table

Östgöta Kök's journey to success started around 2004 when the strong interest in local cuisine picked up, and Thomas and Karin built a partnership around a sustainable food mindset and use of locally produced ingredients.

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Photo Courtesy of Swegreen



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