Source and Growers United enter collaboration

Source and Growers United enter collaboration

Source and Growers United have signed an official partnership agreement to deploy Source’s Artificial Intelligence in the Growers United greenhouses.

Growers United and Source have recently begun an official partnership agreement to start deploying Source’s technology in their greenhouses. Growers United will also invest in Source to support further development of the technology. 

Now, two of the largest coops of vegetable greenhouse growers, Growers United and Harvest, are working with Source to further develop and improve the technology and A.I. This means that the majority of Dutch vegetable greenhouse growers will start using Source’s A.I. in their facilities.

Rien Kamman, CEO, and co-founder of Source: “We are extremely proud to call Growers United a partner. The fact that the best greenhouse growers in the world see the value of our A.I. is a huge vote of confidence from the industry. This shows that data-driven farming is inextricably linked to our future food production.” 

Source is building an intelligent layer around the greenhouse. With the use of A.I, plant behavior is simulated to define and execute optimal cultivation strategies. Source’s proprietary algorithms enable  growers to operate more facilities more efficiently and optimize production. The first version of the technology is already tested and implemented in the Growers United greenhouses. 

Jacco Besuijen, Productgroupmanager tomato of Growers United: “Through our partnership with Source, we are taking a first step into the future of farming, in which data and human knowledge combined will help us optimize our harvest, and be more efficient with energy, water and other resources. This will help make ourselves and our greenhouses smarter.” 

The Growers United and Source partnership has recently been signed with an official commercial agreement for using the Source software in the Growers United greenhouses.

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