New biological solutions to growers

New biological solutions to growers

AMVAC, an American Vanguard Company, and NewLeaf Symbiotics of St. Louis, MO, have announced a new partnership to bring new and existing biologicals solutions to North American crop markets beginning in 2023.

The collaboration will harness the complementary marketing and technical strengths of each partner to expand the application of existing products and advance the development of future products utilizing the combined technical resources of both companies. The partnership also will expand and accelerate AMVAC’s growing GreenSolutions biological portfolio and facilitate NewLeaf Symbiotics’ objective of securing wider market penetration.

AMVAC leverages its deep market access, its strong sales teams in U.S. crop markets, and its growing portfolio of GreenSolutions biologicals. In the U.S., AMVAC’s GreenSolutions recently passed the 1.2-million-acre mark for application, a milestone for the company. AMVAC previously has announced biologicals-related partnerships with 3Bar Biologics, BASF, and Azotic North America.

NewLeaf Symbiotics brings to the partnership its proprietary microbial library, continued research and development capability, and its current product offering including PPFMs – pink pigmented facultative methylotrophs – which are naturally occurring beneficial microbes that deliver a range of benefits to crops throughout the entire growing season. Leading this new class of ag biologicals is NewLeaf Symbiotics’ Terrasym microbial inoculants, which can make crops stronger, more resilient, and more tolerant of abiotic stress throughout their life cycle.

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