LettUs Grow and Valoya introduce advanced aeroponic tech to India

LettUs Grow and Valoya introduce advanced aeroponic tech to India
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In an exciting partnership that will introduce aeroponic technology to India and the Middle East, LettUs Grow and Valoya India will combine their expertise to optimise crop production for indoor growers.

Valoya India is the second group to join LettUs Grow's global partnership programme, which focuses on licensing aeroponic technology to key agricultural manufacturers around the world. LettUs Grow’s aeroponics has been shown to improve growth rates in comparison to hydroponic irrigation methods, as demonstrated in successful growth trials at Wageningen University’s R&D greenhouse facility, and more recently at Stockbridge Technology Centre in collaboration with CHAP.

Valoya India will licence LettUs Grow’s patented ultrasonic aeroponic irrigation systems and offer a turnkey building solution for vertical farming companies. This will allow growers to increase yields, improve the quality of their crop and minimise water use. LettUs Grow’s expertise in aeroponics alongside Valoya India’s world-leading manufacturing capacity will bring the benefits of aeroponics to the exciting emerging controlled environment agriculture (CEA) market in India, as well as the more established markets in the Middle East.

Valoya stands as a pioneer in research-oriented LED lighting solutions tailored for horticulture. Leveraging patented technology and a wide spectrum, Valoya's solutions are crafted to maximize plant growth across various sectors including crop science, crop production (greenhouse, controlled environment agriculture (CEA), medicinal plants and vertical farming), even extending to unique applications like algae cultivation. With an impressive track record of over 700 plant trials spanning more than 300 plant species, Valoya has established itself as the industry leader. Strengthening its global footprint, Valoya operates subsidiaries strategically positioned in the USA and Valoya India (eAge Electronics Pvt. Ltd), each committed to catering to the specific needs of their respective markets.

India has been penned as one of the world’s fastest growing economies, with the agricultural sector being the significant contributor to its growth, and is the second largest producer of food grains, fruits and vegetables in the world. With climate change, water scarcity and soil degradation becoming a growing threat to agricultural development, CEA provides an alternative to traditional outdoor farming, which is dependent on using large quantities of water, fertiliser and pesticides.

By combining LettUs Grow’s state-of-the-art aeroponic technology with Valoya’s ambitious plans for turnkey vertical farming solutions, the partnership aims to strengthen and support food security across India, addressing the challenges posed by the changing climate and water usage. The partnership will also look to support the Middle Eastern CEA market, who face similar challenges and are striving to increase the amount of produce that is produced locally.

Charlie Guy, CEO of LettUs Grow, said: "India is primed to become one of the most exciting emerging markets for CEA, and this partnership marks another significant step forward in our mission to reduce the impact of fresh produce production across the globe, through careful innovation and collaboration. By working together with Valoya, we aim to empower farmers across India and The Middle East to improve access to fresh produce, allowing the agricultural sector to thrive, while still conserving precious groundwater reserves and resources."

LettUs Grow and Valoya will conduct crop growth trials from a Valoya India labs based at eAge Electronics offices in Noida, UP, India. The focus will be to tailor the technology to the Indian market. This will also provide the opportunity for future collaborators, tech adopters and growers to see aeroponics in action. 

"We are thrilled to partner with LettUs Grow to introduce their unique aeroponics to the growing CEA sector across India and the Middle East. Combined with Valoya’s cutting edge LED lighting solutions and spectrums for horticulture applications, we believe it could be an extremely beneficial and advantageous turnkey solution for all our clients." said Dhruv Mahajan, Vice President at Valoya India. "We are very excited to conduct, observe and document the results of our combined trials and develop tailor-made solutions for a host of crops/plants suited to the India and Middle East Markets as a starting point to our collaboration.”



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