Partnership to build a stronger CEA industry

Partnership to build a stronger CEA industry

Enabling growers to see what Current has been able to accomplish at its North Carolina facility and Hort Americas delivering the grow lights when they’re needed has shown growers what can be accomplished when commitments and partnerships are made.

AppLit is a concept where businesses not only support their own employees, but also commit to working with and partnering with other local companies.

When Hort Americas, a horticultural distributor in Bedford, Texas, was contacted about supplying controlled environment grower AppHarvest with LED grow lights for a new 15 acre lettuce greenhouse facility in Kentucky, there were some major obstacles to overcome. The first was that the inquiry came in May 2020 just when the pandemic was revving up and many businesses were closing down.

Hort Americas and Current have manufactured and delivered LED grow lights in 2022 for three new AppHarvest greenhouse operations in Kentucky that total over 100 acres of production.

“AppHarvest wanted to have a reliable North American supply of LED grow lights at a competitive price point,” said Chris Higgins, president at Hort Americas. “AppHarvest’s request was not only LED grow lights made in North America, but also, if possible, lights made in the Appalachian region. AppHarvest’s commitment to its shareholders and stakeholders was to invest in Appalachia.”

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