Hoogendoorn and Dalsem partners for 40 years

Hoogendoorn and Dalsem partners for 40 years

If we step into the time machine and travel back to the 1980s, we arrive at the starting point of the collaboration between Hoogendoorn Growth Management and Dalsem Complete Greenhouse Projects. Hoogendoorn and Dalsem together have been realizing high-tech turnkey greenhouse projects for the past 40 years. The contacts between Hoogendoorn and Dalsem date from this distant past, when measurement and control technology was still in its infancy, which makes it a worthy anniversary. Unique is that several Dalsem colleagues have been working with the Hoogendoorn team for more than 40 years as well.

In 1982, Dalsem saw the added value in the specialized knowledge of Hoogendoorn in the field of automation. Together, the companies decided to establish a partnership, which 40 years later is still close. In a press release from 1986, Leo Langelaan (former business manager of Dalsem) identified the cooperation as follows: "Through this piece of collaboration, we can come up with better solutions. That also means working together on possible changes to equipment. In the future, I expect a further intensification of those contacts."

In 1999, Dalsem's sales peaked with the breaking of a magic turnover barrier. Dalsem stood out as a partner on all fronts, gaining a Star Dealer status from Hoogendoorn. Even then, the computer was an indispensable tool for growers. The growers enjoyed dealing with the advanced system because of its user-friendliness, even when the grower was not a real ‘computer freak.’

But it did not stop with this milestone as a star dealer, Dalsem and Hoogendoorn enhanced the cooperation and realized many complex and sustainable greenhouse projects in Europe, North- and South America, Asia and Oceania. Some highlights are the realization of the first high-tech hybrid greenhouse in the mainland of China, the construction of the largest glass greenhouse (ha) in Kazakhstan and the completion of the high-tech greenhouse project in Turkey, which dealt with a challenging climate. In fact, it didn’t stop there either. Both parties collaborated together in 2020 in the setup of the Dalsem X-AIR SEMI-CLOSED GREENHOUSE SOLUTION concept. To create the perfect symbiosis of knowledge, technology and data management.

And today marks a new milestone in the collaboration, 40 years of partnership. Therefore, Hoogendoorn decided to surprise the Dalsem team. With an inspiring speech about the cooperation over the years, the handover of an anniversary gift to Dalsem and a luxury food truck which provided the entire Dalsem staff of a delicious meal. The Dalsem employees were pleasantly surprised by the kind and attentive gesture. Jan Pieter Dalsem (Managing Director of Dalsem) indicates: “We have been a strong partner with Hoogendoorn for the past 40 years and built impressive large scale greenhouse projects worldwide that we are very proud of. We are determined to continue the dynamic collaboration for many years to come”. 

Of course, Hoogendoorn is also very proud of this milestone and anniversary. Martin Helmich (CCO of Hoogendoorn) paints a picture of the future: “Both parties see a bright future in the continuation of the cooperation. A future in which the Hoogendoorn process computer is still the beating heart of the Dalsem high-tech turnkey greenhouses and in which the role of data becomes more and more essential. The added value of our process computer that Dalsem saw at the start of the collaboration in 1982, will remain vital now and in the future. As Hoogendoorn we are proud to work with such a professional company which realizes turnkey greenhouses of high quality all over the world.” In short, a bright future lies ahead, for the realization of high-tech sustainable greenhouse projects. Central to this will be the integration of alternative energy sources and the application of Data Driven Growing.



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