EHPEA and MPS Group sign Memorandum

EHPEA and MPS Group sign Memorandum

On 9 November, EHPEA (Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association) and MPS Group signed a Memorandum to strengthen the cooperation between both organisations. EHPEA and MPS Group will cooperate to implement the HortiFootprint Calculator amongst EHPEA members in Flowers & Ornamentals. Cooperation with industry partners is essential in order to improve together!

  Mr Nega Mequanint, Board Chairman EHPEA, signed the Memorandum in presence of Mr Tewodros Zewdie, Executive Director EHPEA, and Mrs Yordanos Jemal, Board Member EHPEA. For MPS Group the Memorandum was signed by Mr Daan de Vries, CEO Group, accompanied by Mr Edmund Timm, Manager Commerce & Marketing MPS Group, and Mr Arthij van der Veer, Area Manager Africa.

By using the HortiFootprint Calculator, grower partners from EHPEA will have the opportunity to not only measure their carbon footprint but also to simulate proposed improvements. Hereby, the objective for both growers and the floriculture industry in Ethiopia is to work towards climate neutral production.

As MPS Group, together with our HortiFootprint Calculator partner, we are honoured to take this step together with EHPEA and are excited to start this journey on environmental footprinting. 

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