Dramm partners with CE-Line to offer real-time nutrient testing

Dramm partners with CE-Line to offer real-time nutrient testing
From Left to Right: Louis Damm, Dramm's Canadian Sales Manager; Simon Meijer, CEO of CE-Line; Noah Becker, Dramm's Marketing and Sales Associate; Kurt Becker, Dramm's Director of Commercial Sales and Marketing.

Manitowoc, WI –The Dramm Corporation is pleased to announce their partnership with CE-Line to provide in-line nutrient testing of irrigation water in North America.

CE-Line is a unique, laboratory quality, nutrient analysis system that automatically samples water throughout the day. This in-line testing solution provides accurate data within an hour, eliminating the wait for test results from a remote laboratory. Sample results are securely stored in the cloud with APIs available to connect to your climate control and fertigation systems. This connectivity allows for automated optimization of nutrient levels in real-time.

The CE-Line system schedules testing of different sources throughout the day, measuring both macro and micronutrients. NH4, K, Na, Mg, Ca, Cl, NO3, SO4, HCO3, PO4
Fe, B, Zn, Mn, Mo, Cu can all be tested. CE-Line has automated the laboratory process of capillary electrophoresis to accurately measure these different nutrients. Each unit can take up to 8 different samples per day, from multiple sources, using a supply of reagents and cleaning solutions.

Dramm will work as the North American partner for CE-Line, providing consultation, design services, installation support, replenishment supply, and service for these systems.

The CE-Line will be shown at Indoor Ag-Con in Las Vegas, NV on March 11 and 12. Visit the Dramm booth at the show to learn more about this revolutionary system and how optimizing nutrients in real-time can impact yield and plant health.

The Dramm Corporation has produced quality products and solutions for growers for over 75 years. Founded in 1941 with the invention of the 400AL WaterbreakerTM, the Dramm Corporation continues to innovate to help its customers flourish. The tradition of innovation and service continues as Dramm now offers complete irrigation and water management design through our DRAMMwater business unit.



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