DGD proudly welcomes Viscon Group

DGD proudly welcomes Viscon Group

DGD is like a portal that different parties can turn to. With the increased demand for large-scale controlled environment agriculture solutions, our industry needs to provide one clear solution and a platform where you can find this.

Worldwide, the demand for healthy, fresh, sustainable, and locally-grown food is rising at a dramatic rate. By joining forces with various state-of-the-art partners, Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD) offers a Fork2Farm solution that can make make a substantial contribution to food security and food safety. Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD) always looks to expand its horizon and share with others its extensive knowledge of the innovative Dutch horticulture sector, which is represented globally. The sector is a front-runner when it comes to sustainability and technology and offers a solution to the globally growing demand for healthy, affordable, and safe food.

Introducing Viscon Group

Dutch Greenhouse Delta therefore proudly welcomes Viscon Group as a new partner. Viscon Group offers innovative solutions for the horticultural and fruit & vegetable market, considering its complete chain. From the breeding to the packaging of produced products, Viscon Group is passionate about discovering the infinite possibilities technology can offer when it comes to these processes. Their way of using technology to create innovative solutions, their boldness to experiment, and their boundless creativity matches the vision of Dutch Greenhouse Delta seamlessly. ‘’Viscon Group, as a highly innovative company, is a great complement in contributing to the realization of our ambition.” DGD director Michiel van Ginkel, states.

Viscon Group’s solutions offer an increased speed and quality of horticultural and fruit & vegetable processing, which reduces the need for expensive labor. Building total solutions, Viscon enables the world to produce, distribute, and enjoy healthy and fresh food, flowers and plants by designing production processes in an approachable and user-friendly way. They, too, believe in the power of working together to optimize continuous innovation. By asking questions. By learning. By developing new businesses in emerging markets.

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