Danziger partners with Moss Hill Foliage for Floresta Program

Danziger partners with Moss Hill Foliage for Floresta Program

Danziger, a global leader in bedding plants, cut flowers and foliage production, is announcing the first dedicated rooting station for its Floresta™ foliage program. The company is partnering with Moss Hill Foliage, a wholesale grower of tropicals, based in Apopka, Florida.

6df15b2b739742b280382add19c15d23.png“Market demand for high-quality rooted liners is continuing to increase,” said Mike Fernandez, market manager for Danziger North America. “We wanted to ensure growers have a reliable source for the full Floresta portfolio. We were searching for a partner who could match our quality and customer service standards. Moss Hill has an established reputation for supplying quality products with excellent customer care.”

With Floresta, Danziger is setting a new standard for foliage. The company’s growing facility in Guatemala has taken foliage production indoors, starting with high-quality source material to develop cuttings. Other programs rely on outdoor production, leaving them susceptible to weather concerns. Indoor production allows Danziger to produce top-quality crops and consistent availability. “Adding Moss Hill as a dedicated Floresta rooting partner means growers across North America will have access to those benefits with high-quality rooted liners,” Fernandez said.

46e58447a22449b3a4af956254068e97.png“We are excited to be part of the Floresta program,” said Asher Decker, Moss Hill Foliage general manager. “Our team is dedicated to providing growers with exceptional plant material. All of our production is completed at one location in more than 140,000 square feet of steel framed-double poly greenhouses. With production at one location, our experienced staff can closely supervise the growing, grading and shipping of our product. Partnering with Danziger fits both our culture and business plan perfectly.”

Interested in adding foliage to your growing program? View the catalog here, and contact your Danziger representative today. You can also view availability here.

About Moss Hill

Established in 1976 and then purchased in 1986 by Larry and Chris Metzler. Moss Hill Foliage is known around the industry for great quality product and exceptional customer service. Under Larry’s leadership Moss Hill changed its focus to providing Tropical Foliage liners to an expanding foliage industry. In 2020 Matt and Stephanie Metzler took over the business with a goal to expand and continue the vision. Moss Hill continues to adapt to an ever-changing world. Our production facility comprises 140,000 square feet greenhouses in Apopka, Florida. Our supervisory staff boasts a total of over 150 years in the Horticulture industry collectively.

About Danziger

Through innovative floriculture, creative collaboration, and a spark of imagination, Danziger strives to develop extraordinary flowers and foliage to help customers achieve extraordinary success. Danziger is a global leader in bedding plant breeding, cut flower breeding, and foliage production backed by one of the largest R&D departments in the world. More than 100 scientists, researchers, and professional breeders work to invent new varieties that are more durable, efficient, profitable, and BEAUTIFUL. Nearly 1,000 customers in more than 60 countries benefit from Danziger varieties. Founded in 1953, the family-owned company is committed to bringing personal service to its customers. Danziger employs more than 1,500 people worldwide, with propagation facilities in Israel, Guatemala, Kenya, and Colombia. For more information, visit our website: www.danzigeronline.com 



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