Bloom Partner joins Barendsen

Bloom Partner joins Barendsen
Richard Koenen (Management Barendsen), Mark Leegwater, Anne-Marie Leegwater-Blom (Bloom Partner), Joost Gietelink (CFO Dutch Flower Group).

As of April 1, the Bloom Partner team will find a new home base at Barendsen. Mark Leegwater and Anne-Marie Leegwater-Blom will join Barendsen from Aalsmeer from that date.

With its 110th anniversary this year, Barendsen is one of the oldest - still active - flower exporters in the Netherlands. Barendsen has been part of Dutch Flower Group since January 1, 2022.

Based on decades of commercial experience in floriculture, Mark and his partner Anne-Marie started their own company, Bloom Partner, in 2018, with the daily delivery of fresh cut flowers to a regular customer base. These are mainly specialized wholesale companies in Europe that supply regional florists.

The customer-oriented approach and associated culture is in many ways comparable to the way in which Barendsen has been positioning itself for more than 100 years. In order to be future-oriented, Bloom Partner has made a conscious choice to enter into a partnership with Barendsen.

As of April this year, Barendsen will move from its current location at the Royal FloraHolland auction in Aalsmeer to a modern location outside the auction at Betula 11, De Kwakel (RFH Zuid business park). That is also the moment when the Bloom Partner team will be welcomed.

Mark Leegwater, Bloom Partner: “From this new partnership we can continue to safeguard the interests of our customers and the continuity of Bloom Partner.”

Richard Koenen, Managing Director of Barendsen: “With our bundling of knowledge, there are many opportunities to sustainably grow together with customers and growers.”



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