Six trends that drove horticulture in 2023

Six trends that drove horticulture in 2023

In a recent interview, Metrolina Greenhouses’ Abe Van Wingerden told our team at Greenhouse Grower that “if you’ve entered the horticulture industry in the last five years, you haven’t had a normal year yet.” But perhaps as we close the book on 2023 and shift into the coming years, that will no longer be the case.

There are any number of headlines that may have defined the market this year. We’ve narrowed it down to six topics that will likely also have a major impact on the future.

Primed for Growth

Looking back at Greenhouse Grower’s Top 100 Growers list from earlier this year, a majority of the nation’s largest ornamentals operations maintained the same size from 2022 to 2023. But there is potential for rapid growth in the coming year. In our Top 100 Growers survey, and in follow-up phone calls and emails with several growers on the list, many told us they were planning for expansion — some major — heading into 2024. Of those growers who did not take the status quo route, 25 increased their production in 2023, while only nine companies reduced their production.

The reasons for all this are twofold. 2022 brought major supply chain concerns as global markets recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic. Those growers who had strong years in 2020 and 2021 may have had the financial ability to grow, but they didn’t want to risk delays in building materials. These issues, for the most part, have subsided.

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