IGS pioneer to create 114 jobs in US expansion

IGS pioneer to create 114 jobs in US expansion

A Scottish vertical farming pioneer has unveiled plans to further expand into the US, creating more than 100 jobs.

Intelligent Growth Solutions said it is to bid to grow in North America, with Loveland, Colorado, chosen as its US headquarters.

IGS designs, produces and maintains vertical farming technology that it says enables indoor growing anywhere, eliminates the need for pesticides or fungicides and reduces water consumption by up to 95 per cent.

Its systems can also be used to reduce the carbon footprint of food production by locating farms closer to the point of consumption or production because no arable land is required, it said.

The US base will allow the firm to better support customers in its fastest growing market, said David Farquhar, IGS chief executive.

“The forward-looking approach to economic development within the city of Loveland and the state of Colorado fits perfectly with Intelligent Growth Solutions’ purpose of working with growers to help deliver sustainable food security,” said Mr Farquhar.

“The location is within easy reach of a huge market as well as supply chain partners and is a great place for our people – and their families – to live, with 300 days of sunshine and just 30 miles from Rocky Mountain National Park.”

IGS expects to create 114 net new jobs at the site, at an average annual wage of $98,991, which is 183% of the average annual wage in Larimer County.

Positions will include engineers, supply chain managers, human resource and legal managers, as well as roles in marketing and sales.

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