Artechno Growsystems relocated!

Artechno Growsystems relocated!

Artechno Growsystems experienced tremendous growth over the past period and is ready for the next phase. Therefore, the company is relocating to Maasdijk as of March 20. Artechno Group also retains its current location in De Lier, where the AVF+ Cultivation & Research Center, and AquaLeap will remain.

After months of preparation, Artechno Growsystems has moved into its new premises in Maasdijk. The building offers more space, the departments are larger, and the facility in its entirety is better equipped for future growth. The reason for the move was the company's continuous growth, and the new building is much more future-proof than the one in De Lier.

Additional location

The facility in Maasdijk offers more space for offices and has a significantly larger production hall which will contribute to one of the primary goals of Artechno Growsystems, optimal client services. In addition, Artechno will retain the old premises in De Lier, for among other things, the Cultivation and Research Center and the AquaLeap company.

Grand opening

The relocation to the beautiful new building will be celebrated with a grand opening for invited guests on June 17, 2023. The event will include a guided tour and refreshments for visitors. 

The new address of Artechno Growsystems is:
Bandijkweg 2
2676 LJ
The Netherlands

The address of the Cultivation and Research Center and AquaLeap remains:
Pastoor Verburghlaan 20a
2678 NE
De Lier
The Netherlands

Do you wish to learn more about the new location, or are you interested in vertical farming? Please visit or contact Artechno Growsystems free of obligation.



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