On Paprika Tasty Radio: 'Royal Brinkman Tour'

On Paprika Tasty Radio: 'Royal Brinkman Tour'

Romy Stuik, the reporter at Paprika Tasty Radio visited Royal Brinkman and its partner companies at GreenTech Amsterdam last week and asked about their latest developments, innovations and announcements. Stay tuned to listen to the Royal Brinkman interviews on Wednesday (June 22nd) via the horticultural radio station Paprika Tasty!

For example, the Benomic products from Berg Hortimotive are discussed, Andreas Hofland talks about Hortikey's progress, you hear more about the DryGair and we dive into the new cannabis line of Royal Brinkman. You will also be updated about Moleaer's nano bubbles, hygiene products for the greenhouse, screening agents, crop rotation materials and, of course, crop protection. Long to short, listen to Romy and Royal Brinkman interviews for more!

Today between 9.00-11.00 via www.paprikatastyradio.nl.

Source: HortiBiz


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