NGB is the recipient of the  Wilfred J. Jung Medal

NGB is the recipient of the  Wilfred J. Jung Medal

National Garden Bureau (NGB) was just recognized by GardenComm International for its contributions to gardening in North America by being awarded the Wilfred J. Jung Distinguished Service medal at the 2022 GardenComm Virtual Conference.

The Wilfred J. Jung Distinguished Service Medal is presented to a GardenComm Allied Trade member that, as a company, has promoted gardening in North America, helped expand the profession of garden communications and has supported the overall objectives of GardenComm and its membership. Candidates are nominated by the membership, recommended by the Honors Committee and elected by the Board of Directors. 

National Garden Bureau was chosen for the many services and programs they provide for garden communicators, as well as consumers, such as New Plants, Year of the, Combination Ideas, Garden Products, Green Thumb Award and more.

Diane Blazek, Executive Director of National Garden Bureau accepted the award for the organization during the virtual event.

Deb Wiley, chair of the GardenComm Awards committee conducted this interview with Diane and Jeannine Bogard, current President of NGB that explains the many reasons why National Garden Bureau was granted this award. [video link: ]

Previous recipients of the Jung award include NGB members: Brent & Becky’s Bulbs (2021), Bailey Nurseries (2019), Corona Tools (2018), Monrovia Nursery (2014), Gardener’s Supply Company (2012), All-America Selections (2005) and others.

For more information about National Garden Bureau, please contact Diane Blazek.

For more information about NGB Member Benefits, please click here.



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