New hemp research focus could yield better strains

12-01-2022    08:59   |    Greenhouse Grower

EVIO, Inc., a provider of analytical testing services for cannabis, hemp, and CBD products, has announced a new strategic partnership with Rare Earth Genomics (REG) Texas, LLC. Rare Earth Genomics has been testing its hemp products with EVIO Inc. since the company launched its hemp business in 2020. REG and EVIO will deepen their relationship by collaborating on a range of research and development projects that focus on optimizing hemp strains, including:

  • Evaluation of unique terpenes and terpenoids
  • Quantification of major and minor cannabinoids
  • Optimization of screening methods for breeding populations
  • Development of testing protocols for novel phenotypes
  • Assessment of potential for soil remediation
  • Initiation of nutritional analyses of hemp and hemp seed feed and food products

EVIO will provide support and training to REG in pursuit of its goal to be a premier industrial hemp entity.

REG is actively collaborating with Texas A&M AgriLife Research (“AgriLife”) and the Department of Soil & Crop Science, which is an integral part of the hemp breeding program. Russ Jessup, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Perennial Grass & Industrial Hemp Breeding says ‘

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Photo by CRYSTALWEED cannabis on Unsplash

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