New Dealer Manager at Martin Stolze

20-01-2022    11:09   |    HortiBiz

NETHERLANDS- Jesse Groen (49) is the new Dealer Manager at Martin Stolze. Jesse grew up in an entrepreneurial family. After completing his secondary retail education, he started working at a company that was involved in assimilation lighting. After this first introduction to horticulture, Jesse worked in sales at various technical horticultural related companies (including greenhouse construction, logistics systems and machine construction).

Jesse: “A lot has changed over the years, innovation in particular is what makes horticulture so interesting to me.”

In the coming years Martin Stolze wants to expand its activities in export. In addition to the direct sale of attractive solutions, Martin Stolze works together with international partners in Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Norway, United Kingdom, Australia, USA, Canada and Israel. Jesse supports and guides these international partners to further expand the joint activities. In addition, Jesse will expand the international network with new partners.


Are you interested to become a partner of Martin Stolze?

Contact Jesse Groen at or +31 (0)6 10 15 46 32

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