Networking the indoor vertical farming industry

Networking the indoor vertical farming industry

Starting off with a simple idea in 2017 to connect people with similar goals, Lounjee has grown into becoming an emerging professional networking platform leveraging communities to help its users grow their networks.

"When we were testing the product back then with our first users, we learned something that will be a game-changer for Lounjee. We observed that when users were part of the same community, they would connect, chat and interact >3-4x times more than a user who was not part of a community. This suggested that the best way to connect people is community-based." Mentions Giaccomo Bastianelli, the CEO, and co-founder of the platform.

"In Lounjee these communities are professional networks focused on an industry, a sector, or a topic. For instance, the Vertical Farming network is a virtual community where experts, professionals, organizations, and all stakeholders can connect, collaborate, innovate and access trusted information and knowledge." He adds.

The network is part of a larger agriculture network containing dedicated and specialized networks such as lant Genome EngineeringPlant Breeding, and Regenerative Agriculture among others.

Driven to connect professionals in a specific sector and facilitate collaboration and innovation to build professional networks in key strategic sectors for the future of our planet. Agriculture, Climate, Energy, and Healthcare are the primordial sectors they focus on now.

Why Vertical Farming as One of The First Sectors? 

"When we looked at different sectors to start, we decided to go for the agriculture sector. This is because there is a strong need to identify and develop innovative solutions to help feed the world while respecting the environment. Vertical Farming was one of the first 5 networks we decided to launch within the agriculture vertical network." Mentions Giaccomo.

"There are several reasons for such choice:

1.    It is a new sector and therefore there is a need to connect people and organizations - many dots to connect.

2.    It is very interdisciplinary combining engineering, plant biology/genetics, soil science, and other fields.

3.    It will be a strategic sector for producing food, especially in urban and extreme environments" 

Because of its potential, Lounjee sees countless opportunities with the potential to be game-changers in the future agriculture landscape. 

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Source: iGrow News


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