Mold in growing media? Don't be alarmed

Mold in growing media? Don't be alarmed

In some cases you might find mold on your peat based growing media or on its packaging. With this article we would like to explain how this happens and why you should not be alarmed.

If the humidity is high, mold can grow on almost any organic material. Therefore it's no surprise that mold could emerge on growing media as well. However these types of mold are part of the Saprophytic fungi. Saprophytic fungi are a group of fungi that break down dead plant material. They are an essential part of the ecosystem within the growing media and are not pathogenic or harmful to plants or people in any way. Research shows they can even positively influence plant growth and resilience.

Positive effects of molds

When these molds are active during the growing stages they can aid plants in multiple ways. For example, saprophytic fungi break down complex organic molecules within the growing media, and while doing so, release plant-available nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. In addition, some types are known to supplant plant pathogens in the root zones, which protects the crop. They actually do this so well that some types of saprophytic fungi are commonly available as microbial fungicides.

Negative effects of molds

Basically the only negative effect of the presence of these molds is that they grow in unsightly colonies that can sometimes spread a bad odour. Mold colonies usually form between the growing media and the packaging when it is stored in higher temperatures. Under these circumstances water can collect between the growing media and the packaging, creating an ideal environment for these molds to sporulate.

What to do if molds are present?

Although there is no need to worry if you spot any of these molds on your growing media, as it will not negatively impact plants, we can imagine you would like to limit growth. Mold growth is merely a visual issue. If you see fungi in your growing media, we recommend to loosen the compressed material and mix them thoroughly. This will break up fungal growth.

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Source: BVB Substrates


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