Syngenta Flowers plant innovator is retiring

Syngenta Flowers plant innovator is retiring

Syngenta Flowers has announced that Josef Fischer retired effective Jan. 20, 2023, after a successful 15-year career with the company. Fischer has contributed significantly to Syngenta’s Flowers Organization and continues to be liaised with the floriculture business as an independent consultant to deliver game-changing innovations.

Josef’s career at Syngenta Flowers started in 2008, after the integration of Fischer group, famous for its pelargonium and poinsettia business with well-known varieties such as ‘Tango’. He was the first to offer Xanthomonas-free varieties on the market, developed by his father. The technique developed at that time has brought pelargonium to the level of performance that it has today. Fischer had a strong breeding pipeline, and Syngenta Flowers’ current pelargonium assortment is the result of that heritage. He was also one of the first to move unrooted cuttings production out of mainland Europe, to the Canary Islands in the early 1970s, benefiting from the climate to produce plants more cost-effectively.

Prior to his current role as Global Innovations Manager, Fischer fulfilled key roles such as Head of Marketing Flowers, Head of Technical Product Development and Global Asset Manager for vegetative crops, delivering the basics for interspecific pelargonium and coordinating the development. In these roles, he helped the company navigate through significant change.

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Photo Courtesy of Greenhouse Grower



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