Scots VF firm IGS to deepen North American roots

Scots VF firm IGS to deepen North American roots

Edinburgh-headquartered Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS), which specialises in vertical farming, has chosen Loveland, Colorado, for its expansion into North America.

The organisation, which describes itself as an “agricultural infrastructure” company, designs, produces and maintains vertical farming technology that it says enables indoor growing anywhere, eliminates the need for pesticides or fungicides, and can lower the carbon footprint of food-growing by locating farms closer to the point of consumption or production, as well as reducing water use by up to 95 per cent.

It says opening a base of operations in Loveland will allow it to better support North American customers, who represent its fastest-growing market, and tap into a “strong, skilled” labour pool. Overall, IGS expects to create 114 net new jobs – including engineers, supply chain managers, human resource and legal managers, as well as roles in marketing and sales – at an average annual wage of $98,991 (£83,425), which it says is 183 per cent of the average annual wage in Larimer County. What’s more, the State of Colorado will provide up to about $2.8 million in performance-based Job Growth Incentive Tax Credits to IGS

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Photo caption: Scots vertical farming firm Intelligent Growth Solutions selects Stateside location to deepen North American roots
Photo credit: Duncan McGlynn




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