Royal FloraHolland reports €4m loss in 2022

Royal FloraHolland reports €4m loss in 2022

Royal FloraHolland posted an annual revenue of €5.2b in 2022 – down eight per cent from 2021- and a net loss of €4m for the year 2022.

The number of products traded decreased by seven per cent to a total of 10.8 billion. High energy costs for growers mainly caused a decrease in supply volumes. The average price was two per cent lower than in 2021. High inflation rates offset this.

After tax, Royal FloraHolland’s operating profit was a loss of €4m, caused by a €5.7m write-off on the bankrupt Floriworld and €11.4m higher energy costs. Cost-saving initiatives helped limit losses.

At the presentation of its annual figures today in Naaldwijk, CEO Steven van Schilfgaarde said that floriculture has the ambition to become CO2 neutral in the long run. This requires substantial investments in wind and solar energy, geothermal energy and using residual heat from industry. “The government’s plan to adjust energy taxes for greenhouse horticulture have major financial consequences for our sector. Wageningen University calculated that, based on these measures, greenhouse horticulture will face a huge increase in costs from 2025 onwards. For ornamental horticulture, this amounts to hundreds of millions more every year. The government’s policy thus stands in the way of the necessary investments in the energy transition. Especially at this stage. This puts unnecessary further pressure on the international position of the Dutch floriculture sector. The same applies to the Netherlands’ role as the hub of the global floriculture sector. We are jointly taking action with all parties to ensure that the cabinet does not implement this proposed burden increase.”

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