Passion is driving today’s horticuture industry

Passion is driving today’s horticuture industry

I recently heard from an old high school friend whom I have not talked with in many years. John and I played basketball on our high school team, studied a bit, slacked off a lot, and managed to get through high school in a teenage fog. He went on to become a well-known writer and a leader in Canadian affairs. Healthy and slim, he recently suffered a massive heart attack.

After quadruple bypass surgery and more treatments, he is making a remarkable recovery. It is still a long struggle, but one of the silver linings of this awful event is that he has had time to rediscover his love of writing poetry. His passion is a balm, and I am convinced that part of his successful recovery is attributed to his passion.

Two other friends of mine have had similar health challenges. Heart issues, bypass surgery, and a slow but steady recovery. Both have the benefit of wonderful partners, family, and medical breakthroughs, but they have also both rediscovered passions. There are far too many unhappy stories of body breakdowns and too few stories of happy outcomes. But I can almost guarantee that many of those happier outcomes are because of people having a passion.

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