Feeding the future: The most innovative VF companies

Feeding the future: The most innovative VF companies

The market for vertical farming companies is expected to grow by over 25 percent by the year 2030, according to a January 2023 study. In 2021, the global vertical farming market brought in over $3.4 million in revenue.

Some benefits of vertical farming, which involves growing crops in vertical stacked layers, include year-round production, reduced water usage and use of fossil fuels, and less impact on crops from extreme weather conditions.

The study, by market intelligence firm Acumen Research and Consulting, predicts the vertical farming market will grow significantly due to “increasing demand for fresh, locally-grown produce, urbanization, and a growing awareness of the environmental benefits of vertical farming.”

That said, here are six U.S.-based vertical farming companies that are leading the way.

1. AeroFarms

AeroFarms has been around since 2004. The Newark, N.J.-based company uses a patented aeroponic growing system where water and nutrients are misted onto the plants' exposed roots. AeroFarms sells its baby bok choy, microgreens, and other products through retailers like Whole Foods, AmazonFresh, FreshDirect, and more.

2. Bowery Farming Inc.

Based in New York City, Bowery Farming is considered the largest vertical farming operation in the U.S. The company was founded in 2015 and operates farms in New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Bowery Farms uses a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) operating system called BoweryOS to grow its crops.

According to the Bowery Farming website, the BoweryOS can “simultaneously identify an unhappy arugula plant that needs more light while also alerting our modern farmers to several trays of baby butter lettuce that need to be harvested tomorrow.”

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