Libra Design adds CEA lighting expertise

Libra Design adds CEA lighting expertise

Libra Design, an ag tech engineering services firm that specializes in horticulture lighting, has formed a controlled environment agriculture (CEA) Advisory Board and appointed inaugural members Bob Hoffman, Chief Science Officer Emeritus of Soli Organic, and Dr. Allison Justice, Founder and CEO of The Hemp Mine. The CEA Advisory Board will further align Libra investments in the areas with greatest impact to indoor and greenhouse farming, with specific insight from Hoffman and Justice to influence the next generation of horticulture lighting.

“Indoor and greenhouse horticulture lighting requirement are nuanced, rapidly changing, and most importantly, must address the needs of today’s farmer,” says Travis Williams, co-founder and CEO of Libra Design. “We are honored to have Bob Hoffman and Dr. Allison Justice join our CEA Advisory Board and share their invaluable knowledge with Libra and our clients to move the CEA industry forward.”

Bob Hoffman is the Chief Science Officer Emeritus of Soli Organic, a leading grower of organic culinary herbs throughout the U.S. He is a pioneer in hydroponic, greenhouse, and vertical farming with more than five decades of experience beginning with outdoor landscaping before becoming the first head grower and facility manager for Village Farms in the 1980s. Most recently, Hoffman transformed Shenandoah Growers (now Soli Organic) from a conventionally field-grown operation in 2003 into the controlled-environment operation of today, primarily consisting of greenhouse and indoor cultivation. Throughout his career in CEA, Hoffman implemented new techniques, technology, and practices to increase crop yields with a focus on efficiencies and economics.

“Being an inaugural member of the Libra Design CEA Advisory Board is a wonderful platform to help advance the future generation of vertical farm and greenhouse growers by sharing the insights learned throughout my career,” Hoffman says.

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