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11-05-2022    15:41   |    HortiBiz

As of January 2022, Ron van der Helm and Barry de Bruin are the new directors of the Force Group. After a long and thorough preparation, they took over the company shares of Force Greenhouse Demolition BV and Force Renovatiesloop BV from the previous owner, Jan Olsthoorn jr.

Through the efforts of Ron, Barry and the Force team, the company has grown to become one of the major players in the greenhouse horticulture demolition and redevelopment market in the Netherlands. As a result of that effort, Jan is confident that Ron and Barry's management and takeover will please the Force Group clients.

Jan Olsthoorn jr. will devote himself to the further development of his real estate activities.

The new owners of Force Group state that partner Ron has been active in the greenhouse demolition business for over 25 years in an operational role. Putting smarter demolition into practice is where Ron's strengths lie. Partner Barry's 'roots' are also from the Westland community in the Netherlands. He was the business linchpin at Force in the past 4.5 years of extensive business success. He will fulfill his new role as the director of business development and organization. The growth of the Force Group over the past 7 years is clearly a combination of a strong team and fine entrepreneurship.

“In recent years, the Force team has worked hard on the successful expansion of the companies Force Greenhouse Demolition BV and Force Renovatiesloop BV. As shown with extensive results,” According to Jan Olsthoorn Jr.: "There are two great companies established that provide a wide range of services for clients who are active in greenhouse horticulture and in the redevelopment of property."

"Clients remain the central focus point for Force Group. The jobs will still be delivered on time and we remain actively involved with circular values that ensures that the Force Team has a suitable solution for every challenge or assignment." says Barry de Bruin. "And we keep delivering the expected results at fixed quotation prices," adds his business partner, Ron van der Helm.

The French branch of Force Group will also officially open in mid-2022. With a long and thorough preparation, the branch in France is in sight. Force Group France 'is the first step in Europe for the group. The new entrepreneurs are ambitious and assume that it will certainly not be the last step they will undertake in Europe.

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