Job opportunity: Senior horti engineer, strawberries

20-05-2022    07:42   |    Urban Ag News

The Growcer is an innovative agri-tech startup launched in Ottawa in 2015, specializing in the manufacturing and design of modular hydroponic systems that enable commercial food production in plug-and-play 40 ft. modules. Its vertical farming technology enables customers to grow fresh vegetables in virtually any climate, having been deployed within the Arctic Circle below -50°C. Growcer has empowered conventional farmers, entrepreneurs, communities and institutions to grow food locally all year round. Growcer’s work has been recognized with awards including Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas and the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and was featured on Season 13 of CBC’s hit show, Dragons’ Den.

The Growcer is looking for a driven individual with a self-starter attitude as the company enters the next phase of rapid growth and scales in select regions globally. Effective Growcer employees are tenacious, enjoy working in a fast-paced environment, and are comfortable working on big-picture challenges with lots of autonomy. All positions and work responsibilities tie back to our mission of empowering people to feed the world more sustainably, and applicants who are laser-focused on contributing to the creation of a better food system will find a workplace and team that shares their vision for sustainable agriculture.

Why Should You Apply?

• Positive Social Impact: an opportunity to feel good about how your role is helping to change the lives of others through the delivery of sustainable food technologies.

• Benefits & Total Compensation: a competitive salary with full access to our employee health benefits plan.

• Flexible Hours: to create a work/life balance, we offer flex hours for all those appointments and other commitments that may arise.

• Vacation & Life Leave: a minimum of 3 weeks starting vacation plus an additional week to support those personal days needed for moving, sick leave, and/or unexpected emergencies.

• Professional Development: participation in our internal leadership development seminars tailored for managers, and access to a professional development fund to invest in additional personal and professional growth related to your field and desired career objectives.

About the Role

Type of Role: Full-Time, salaried

Growcer is seeking an experienced, detail-oriented Senior Horticultural Engineer to join our growing team. In this position, you will play a key role in the overall success of our organization by planning, managing, and monitoring the development of our fully indoor hydroponic strawberry farm platform.


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